School Management System

Education system forms the backbone of every nation.


Education system forms the backbone of every nation. And hence it is important to provide a strong educational foundation to the young generation to ensure the development of open-minded global citizens securing the future for everyone. Advanced technology available today can play a crucial role in streamlining education-related processes to promote solidarity among students, teachers, parents and the school staff

School Management

• Student Detail Information
• Teacher Detail Information
• Admission Registration (New, Transfer, Re-Admission)
• Class and Subject Information
• Class Time Schedule (Period wise)
• Teacher Subject Schedule and Adjustment • Subject Marks Distribution
• Assignments, Assessments, Quizzes, Class Participation, Conversation, Dictation, Presentation, Calligraphy, Rhymes, Homework
• Fee / Fine Collection
• Student Result Single Terms
• Student Result Multi Terms (First, Second, Final)
• Student Mark Analysis and Rank Card
• Student Result and Promotion
• Scholarship , Donations
• Student Discharge
• Teachers Ranking by Students
• Parent Teacher Interaction
• Principal Teacher Interaction
• Bank Transactions and Challan form auto printing
• Payment, Receipts, Expenses

Account and Finance

• Initial System Setup Form
• Vouchers Debit/Credit Notes
• Printout of vouchers
• Cheque Printing
• Acknowledgment
• Receipts
• Listing of Vouchers
• Individual Leger Report
• Reports Option
• Chart of Account
• Ledger Reports
• Trial Balance
• Receivable/Payable Reports
• Profit & Loss Account
• Balance Sheet

Security Management

• User access grants on software
• User blocking
• New users inductions
• Password changing
• Modification history and logs
 Software will keep track all the data even before modification and after medications
 Database keeps the data in logs (hidden) which be alerted if that person have the rights to alter that specific data